Jason Overby

Portland, Oregon

My art practice is often heavily process-oriented, involving patterning, erasing, redrawing multiple times before inking directly over the pencils and adding embellishments. This often results in comments, thoughts, ideas, poems, drawings in the margins that are interesting in their own right.
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    Volume 1 Issue 1
    Fall 2012
    Dodie Bellamy
    Lucas Bernhardt
    Jules Boykoff
    John Brodie
    Brandon Downing
    Jamie Drouin & Trudi Lynn Smith
    Katelyn Eichwald
    Jessie Erikson
    David Fishkind
    Nils Guadagnin
    Sophie Jodoin
    Paul Legault
    Jason Overby
    Richard Peevers
    Jacinda Russell
    Kaia Sand
    Matthew Savoca
    Ed Skoog
    Nick Sturm
    Jasmine Dreame Wagner
    Gary Wiseman
    Wendy Xu
    James Yeary